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Description : Pretty blonde Karina Grand undresses in front of the mirror. She pulls off her white lace panties and lies down on her tummy. The masseur sprays her with oil and smooths it over her back. He gently massages her back muscles, then moves onto her butt, and the back of her legs where two pink bows are tattooed.

He sprays more oil on her legs, then he kneads her thighs and calves, working up to her bare booty. He massages her pussy with even pressure. When she turns onto her back and spreads her legs, he rubs her pussy and kisses her lips, while giving a deep tissue massage to her small natural tits.

He stands by her head for a blow job. Then he eats her pussy from behind, before loading it with his cock. He puts his back into it as he fucks her pussy. She comes up on all fours and lets him take her pussy from behind, then her ass. He fucks her anally till she cums. Then she sits up to ride his dick in her ass in reverse cowgirl till he cums in her mouth.
Description : Spa owner Penny Pax explains the rules to the newly hired manager Chad White. His job is to train the interns. Flirting and touching will not be tolerated. She sends him off to meet Alison Rey, the shy intern. Alison is eager to begin her training. She's not expecting him to massage her. When asked to undress, she panics, but complies.

He respectfully looks away while Alison strips down to her panties. The massage is so relaxing she forgets she's topless when she turns over. As he massages her chest with heavy pressure, he places her hand on his crotch. She strokes it over his pants then she swallows his enormous cock. She moans when he puts his hand down her panties. They're really getting into it when he notices the time. He has a meeting with the other intern, Kimmy Granger.

Kimmy is sluttier than Alison. She frisky with Chad, uncontrollably flirty. She wants to show him the extra services she can offer clients. She manages to sneak a peek inside his pants. Chad's about to get a sloshy blow job from Kimmy when their boss Penny walks in. Luckily, she doesn't catch them. Kimmy sucks his dick till he cums in her face. His spunk gets all over her hair.

While waiting for Kimmy to clean up, Penny tells Chad she knows what he's been up to with Kimmy and Alison. She wants the same treatment. He watches the redhead sexily undress, except for her glasses. She sucks his cock and fucks it with her tits. Then she calls in the interns. Alison and Kimmy join Penny in blowing Chad.

Flanked by Penny and Alison, Kimmy lowers her pussy onto Chad's cock and fucks it till she cums. Next, he fucks Penny on the massage table while the interns suck her big boss tits and diddle her clit till she cums. He fucks Kimmy balls deep from behind and makes her cum again. Then he stuffs Alison's wet pussy and makes her cum. He goes back and forth between the horny cum guzzlers, fucking their holes till he cums in their faces.
Description : The blonde haired Russian Kortny takes off her top and admires her natural boobs in the mirror. She pulls down her stretch pants and lies down on the massage table. The masseur folds the towel she used to cover her butt. He covers her back with oil and begins the massage. He continues onto her long silky legs, then removes the towel and her panties. He applies more oil onto her small tight ass and massages the tension out of her glutes. His fingers slip between the crack of her ass. He asks her to turn over and applies oil to the front of her body, her breasts, hips, pelvis and her bare naked pussy. He stimulates her clitoris with circular motions and gentle pinching, slipping his fingers inside her vagina. She gropes for his hardening cock and sucks him. Then he strokes her pussy with his tongue. He sideloads her pussy and fucks her on the table. Then he takes her from behind until she cums on his cock. He puts her on her back and ploughs her deeply, picking up speed till he cums on her tummy.
Description : Topless Quinn Wilde and Tommy Gunn are splashing in the pool when Tommy gets a cramp. They come inside to inspect his hurt leg and Quinn offers Tommy a massage. He lies down on the blow-up mattress and she oils him up with NURU gel.

She takes off her bottoms and slides along his backside in the nude, arching her back and sticking her cute butt in the air. Then she turns Tommy onto his back and jerks him off with the slimy lube. She manages to fit his thick dick into her mouth without choking on it. She swivels her hips to sit on his face and they 69 till she orgasms.

By now she's begging for his cock. Quinn lowers her pussy onto it and fucks it nice and deep. Tommy's sloshes his dick inside her sopping wet pussy as he sideloads her to the hilt. Tommy takes her from behind but his stack is going to blow, so he switches it up and fucks her in missionary position then cums all over her pussy!
Description : Two masseurs sensually undress Gabriella with the braided brown hair and escort her onto the table where she relaxes into an oily four handed massage. While two hands knead the muscles in her back, the other two hands gently squeeze her little bum. The masseur tickles her pussy with his fingers and explores her glistening lips. Both masseurs simultaneously focus on her ass until she turns over to offer them better access to her vagina. One masseur coats her small perky tits with oil and the other rubs her pussy and stimulates her clit. She rocks her hips as he fingers her hole vigorously. She reaches for their burgeoning cocks forming tents in their towels and she blows them alternatingly. Then one cock enters her pussy from behind while she gorges on the other. She rolls onto her back and the masseurs switch it up, fucking her in missionary till she cums. She gets onto her hands and knees for another cock swap, blowing one masseur till the other one shoots a huge load of cum on her ass.
Description : When Eric Masterson pulls a muscle on his morning run, he stops by his best friend's house, but the only one at home is his bride Kuleana. The stunning brunette is prancing around in a black kimono and turquoise lace lingerie, unaware of the presence of her guest. When they intersect in the hallway, she invites him to wait for her husband to return. She notices Eric limp to sofa and offers to massage his sore leg.

Eric lies down on the sofa and Kuleana removes her satin robe revealing her trim tummy and perfect ass. She kneads along his thigh muscles, reaching her hand under his shorts, then she asks him to turn onto his back. A visible erection forms a tent in his short. He apologizes for getting excited.

To Eric's surprise, his best friend's wife offers to jack him off for a bit. She reaches under his shorts and strokes his swollen cock. Then she pulls off his pants and puts it in her mouth, mutually agreeing to keep this from her husband. Kuleana admits that she's wanted to be alone with Eric for a while. He strips off her lingerie and lays her on the sofa with her legs wide spread. He eats her hairy pussy better than her husband ever did.

Then she hovers her ass over his lap, slowly lowering her pussy onto his cock. She rides him in reverse cowgirl while her perky tits bounce around. Then he repositions her onto the sofa and sideloads her pussy while she rubs the cum out of her clit. He hoists her leg over his shoulder and fucks her till he pulls out to cum in her mouth. Will his best friend walk in and spoil their happy ending? Click to find out!
Description : Curly haired brunette Caroline takes off her floral print sundress and modestly covers her ass and pussy with a towel before she lies down on the massage table. The masseur scoops a few tablespoons of oil onto her back and caresses the liquid into her skin. Her face is relaxed as he gently kneads the muscles in her back, and up and down her slender legs. He pulls off the towel to apply oil to her bubble butt. From there he rubs the excess oil into her pussy, making it glisten, getting in the folds of her vagina and teasing her clit. She turns onto her back and he cups her small natural boobs.

She pulls his erection out of his track pants and begins to jerk him off.  She takes his cock in her mouth and blows him while he strips off his clothes. He comes around behind her on the table, and inserts his dick in her pussy, fucking her nice and tight between her legs. She cries out in pleasure as he pumps her pussy with short quick strokes. Her pussy begins to cream. He pounds her harder till she cums. He side loads her snatch, then hops off the table to take her pussy squarely and extra deep. Then she arranges herself on all fours and he plunges his cock into her from behind until he shoots his cum all over ass.
Description : Stressed out husband John Strong is having marital problems since he and wife became parents. His back has been acting up as a result. In hopes of relieving his muscular discomfort, he goes to see masseuse Anna DeVille who rubs his back sympathetically while he confides that he hasn't had sex in a year. John figures a massage treatment will help, he hasn't gone for one in years. Anna promises she'll do her best to take care of his tension. She listens to John express his worries and works the oil into his lower back. The dutiful husband isn't ready to give up on his marriage yet, even though it lacks intimacy. He wants to work it out, but he's coming to the end of his tether. She thinks she knows how she can help, and asks her client to flip over. Rubbing a little more oil into his chest, she asks him how he relieves his stress if he's not having sex. John says he loves his wife, so he simply goes without. What else can he do? He's tuck between a rock a hard place. Anna notices he is indeed getting hard and grabs his cock over the towel. She offers her assistance, no strings attached. John's reluctant to cheat though, and questions why she wants to help him anyway. Anna just feels bad for him, so she wants to give him a full body massage. She slips her hand under the towel and strokes his rigid cock with some oil. Soon John relents to her caresses and moans when she puts his cock in her mouth. She gets up on the table and gives him a proper blow job, eager to release his stress. She uses her mouth and her hands to help him take a load off. But when she strips off her robe, bra and panties and climbs on top of him, John becomes uncomfortable about the whole situation, as though fucking her would finally constitute cheating. She wants to feel him inside her, so she suggests that a condom would alleviate his guilt, like he wouldn't really be inside her. That makes a lot of sense to John and he takes her up on her offer. She rolls the condom onto his cock and lowers her pussy onto it. While she rides him, John thrusts into her pussy practically splitting her in two with his girth. More confident with his decision to fuck the masseuse, John rips off the condom and stands up to plough her pussy. He puts her leg over his shoulder and fucks her deeply. Then he fucks her with her legs together. John's so excited to be having sex again, he's taking her every which way. She cums on his cock and then guzzles it. He flips Anna onto her tummy and fucks her pussy from behind. Then she gets down on her knees and strokes his shaft with the tip of his cock her mouth, till he blasts his load in her face!
Description : Long haired brunette Betty shakes her cute ass out of her tight short. She pulls off her tank top displaying her little perky tits, and a bellybutton pierced with a diamond. When she lies down on her stomach, the masseur covers her butt with a towel before spraying her back with oil from an atomizer. He smooths it all over, warming up her muscles with the friction of his rubbing hands, and kneads her tension away. He moves over to her legs and spreads oil on the backs of her thighs. Her pastel pink panties are poking out from under the towel. He parts her legs slightly and begins to knead the muscles in her inner and outer thighs, her calves, and eventually her glutes.

The masseur removes the towel and peels off her panties. He sprays her perfect ass with oil and massages her juicy ass cheeks, spreading them to reveal her tight little hole. He inserts his finger into her shaved pussy and rubs the oil into her meaty folds. She begins to breath heavily from the fingering, and flips onto her back to kiss the masseur. He gropes her tits and rubs her pussy more vigorously. She parts her legs wide and he services her with his mouth, licking and sucking her clit. She reaches down his pants to suck his hard cock. He aligns his cock with her wet pussy and sticks it into her, pumping his hips as she lays back taking it deep till she cums. He flips her onto all fours and eats her pussy before fucking her to the hilt from behind. Then he spoons her on the table and fucks her sideways till he pulls out to blow his cum load into her mouth.
Description : It's the wee hours of the morning when Cherie DeVille sneaks into the house after a night of partying. She thinks she's in the clear but her step son Logan Long is up early with a case of the munchies. He catches her crashed out on the sofa in thigh highs and a slutty dress hiked up over her ass.

He walks over to his cheating step mom and says enough is enough. After busting her seven times like this, his father should know about how badly she behaves when he's out of town. If Logan keeps quiet, he wants something in return. She offers him a new car, but his father already spoils him with material things. He wants her MILF lips on his cock. He pulls out his raging hard on to prove he means business.

Step mother Cherie says absolutely no penis stuff. The most she's willing to offer him is a massage. Logan, accepts, if she agrees to do it naked. He gets naked and lies on his stomach while she slips off her dress. She straddles his ass and massage his back. Then Logan flips over and tries to grab her tits. When she insists there will be none of that, he tell her to suck his dick, or his father will hear she's a whore.

She starts guzzling his cock and sits on his face till Logan commands her to fuck him. She rides him reverse cowgirl and cums hard on his cock. She swivels around and pounds away, describing in detail her night at the club and how many men and women she just finished fucking. Logan makes her cum deeply fucking her behind before blasting her face with his load! Is Cherie's secret finally safe? Click to find out!
Description : When Ariana removes her white towel, and presents her naked body to the masseur, he signals her to lie down on her stomach, and then rubs oil onto her body. He massages the lubricating liquid onto the rounds of her buttocks, exposing her tiny asshole and the slit of her pussy. He works the muscles in her thighs, hips and buttocks, before working upward to the small of her back. He kneads the muscles in her upper back and shoulders, then heads back down to her inner thighs. He slowly strokes his hand up and down the entire area of her pussy, then gently inserts his finger into her hole. She turns over and spreads her legs, writhing and moaning softly while he rubs more oil on her pussy. He massages her tiny boobs and she reaches down to grab his cock. She pulls it out of his pants and strokes him till it's rigid. She pops his dick in her mouth and gives him a blowjob. He comes around behind her, licks her pussy then drives his dick into her wet and wanting opening. She breathes and moans with her mouth wide open, taking him deeply inside her at a quickening pace. He lies down on the table and she bounces on his cock while he cups her boobs. They switch positions and he pile drives her pussy till she cums. Then he jerks his seed all over her face!
Description : Big titted bombshell masseuse Cali Carter has an important meeting with her landlord Eric Masterson and the building superintendent Derrick Pierce. She shows them all the problems that need fixing and they follow behind her, unable to look away from her amazing quads and heart shaped ass. When she tells them the bathtub must be replaced with a shower, the landlord turns the tables on Cali's demands. He's going to look at the rental contract because he doesn't think he's responsible for these types of changes. And he's not sure she's allowed to be running a business out of there.

The landlord leaves for a few minutes to call his lawyer, and Cali and Derrick grab a seat on the massage table and try to figure out what to do. Sensing the sympathetic man's tension, she offers Derrick a massage, which he gladly accepts. He undresses, lamenting that he doesn't get paid enough to deal with his boss' shit. Relaxing into the massage, he reassures Cali that Eric is a hardass but he usually comes around. She turns him over and massages oil into his chest, flattering him on his muscular physique. She asks him again, if he thinks they can work something out. But this time, she's stroking and sucking his cock.

Eric comes back wondering what the hell is going on. He accuses his tenant of running a brothel, but Derrick explains they're just trying to work something out. She invites Eric to join them for a threesome. The landlord reaches out to cup her huge tits and suddenly becomes cooperative. He removes her jean shorts and tongue fucks her ass. She's still blowing Derrick when Eric fucks her tight pussy from behind. Derrick and Eric switch spots, and the superintendent pile drives her pussy till she cums. Then she rides Eric's dick in reverse cowgirl on the floor, with Derrick's huge cock lodged in her throat. She jerks their hard cocks ready to spill their cum onto her face, but only after they sign some paperwork! Once the landlord complies to her requests, they dump their loads onto her swollen chest!
Description : Brunette masseuse Emma receives her client and asks him to undress. Once he lies down on the massage table, she covers his back with oil and begins to massage it into his skin. She reaches over his head with her long, thin arms to rub the oil into his buttocks. She asks him to turn over and drizzles more oil from the bowl onto his chest, then down to his hips and pelvis, working her way around his growing erection. Then she applies oil directly to his penis, paying attention to the shaft as well as the head. As she expertly massages his glans, she begins to stimulate her own nipples, pulling up her pink top to expose her big natural tits. She lowers her torso and strokes his cock in between her boobs, then unbuttons her white skirt and slips off her panties. While the client strokes her ass excitedly, Emma climbs onto the table, straddling his head in 69 position. She licks his cock gingerly, while he takes a mouthful of pussy. He kisses her appreciatively, then she sits over his cock and inserts it into her wet pussy. She rides his dick slowly, taking it all the way inside her pussy and moaning with every creamy thrust. He grabs her ass and speeds up her rhythm until she explodes with pleasure. She dismounts from the table then lies alongside of him, lifting her leg to take his cock more deeply. Then he stands her up and fucks her with quick jabs of his dick till he empties his balls all over her tummy!
Description : Kat Dior will do just about anything to teach herself how to squirt. Unfortunately, all the tutorials online do not seem to help, but luckily, she falls onto an ad for a spa that specifically aims to help women achieve this experience. She gets in touch with Marcus London, AKA, 'The Juicer' who will make all her dreams come true. Marcus has Kat lay down on his massage table lathering her silky, smooth body in oil and getting her completely relaxed, before he begins rubbing her inner thighs to get her juices flowing. He places his fingers in around Kat's hard clitoris and rubs it vigorously, soon inserting his fingers inside her tight pussy pushing ever so slightly and making her squirt for the first time ever. He repeats his techniques while Kat has an orgasm. Kat returns sexual favors by sucking his hard and mighty cock. Even though Marcus is married, he cannot deny Kat's wishes to take advantage of her newly found squirting ability. She slides herself onto his hard shaft as he thrusts his cock inside her pussy in reverse cowgirl position making her squirt vigorously. Marcus places Kat in several positions, having Kat thrusting her latina pussy juice all over the floor and screaming in ecstasy begging for more of Marcus' hard cock until he busts his warm load over her shaved and satisfied pussy!
Description : The masseur instructs his pretty client Shrima to change out of her clothes behind the screen partition. She slips off her shorts, yellow panties and pastel striped shirt, leaving only her yellow stud earrings. She wraps herself modestly in a sheet and positions herself comfortably on the table. The Russian masseur removes the sheet but places a towel over her buttocks. He sprays a few pumps of oil onto her back. Her braided brown hair is out of the way as he kneads and caresses her ribs, shoulders and back. Her skin glistens and her muscles melt under the masseur's deft fingers. He slowly lifts her arm and massages her bicep, forearm and hand. He copies this technique on the left arm. He parts her legs gently and sprays them with oil. He smooths the oil onto the skin of her thighs, calves and feet. Her lower buttocks are visible from underneath the towel, and so is her shaved vagina. He reaches in slowly for her inner thigh and comes very close to her pussy as he strokes her leg. Then he backs off and rubs her foot and each of her toes. He does the same foot massage on the right, but this time he puts her toes in his mouth. As he licks her foot, the masseur rubs her lubricated pussy. Then he instructs her to turn onto her back. He sprays more oil onto her little natural tits, gently squeezing them as he moves the oil over her creamy golden skin. One finger is rubbing her clit and penetrating her vagina, while the other gently squeezes the meaty mound of her pussy. He climbs onto the table and licks her clit using broad strokes of his tongue. When she motions for his cock, he straddles her head to feed it to her. She sucks on his balls while he strokes his erection. Then he lowers himself to line up his cock with her pussy and slips it in, giving her teasing half thrusts on his knees. She spreads her legs wide and fucks him to the hilt. Her moaning gets quicker and louder as she rubs her clit and cums. He flips her onto her stomach and his big dick penetrates her from behind. He places a foot on the table to give him leverage to fuck her harder and deeper, making her cum again. Then he kisses her and slips his cock in sideways and continues to plough her pussy. She gets on top and rides him for a bit. He fucks her in missionary until he cums all over the folds of her pussy and then sticks his dick back inside for a cum bath.
Description : Husband Ryan McLane is livid with his wife Alix Lynx after catching her fucking her massage therapist Eric Masterson. Eric's sexy assistant Blair Williams swoops to Ryan's side, offering moral support and a massage on the living room sofa. She takes of his shirt, rubs his upper torso and helpfully suggests that he cheat on her too. That gives Ryan the idea to fondle Blair, and she's happy to be his accomplice. She unzips his pants and begins blowing his dick. She takes off her clothes, climbs onto his cock and the two start fucking. That's when Ryan's cuckolding wife comes in to explain to her honey, it started as a footjob, but catches him dick-deep inside Blair's pussy. She yells at them to stop but Ryan's supremely mad at her and commands her to sit down and watch. Alix obeys, but she won't be quiet and complacent, she wants Blair off her man. Ryan tells his wife to suck his dick, while Blair shifts over and rides his face. The two girls co-blow him and make out with each other. Blair even thanks Alix for sharing. Ryan tells Alix to fuck his cock, so she undresses, hops aboard, and gyrates in rhythm with Blair till she cums. Ryan fucks Alix deeply from behind while she licks Blair's pussy to explosion. Then Blair eats Alix' pussy and ass while Alix sucks off Ryan's dick. Then Ryan pumps Blair's pussy and announces he's going to cum. Alix warns him not to cum inside her so he gives Blair a creampie in defiance!
Description : Kimberley pulls off her top revealing her perfect boobs and slender waist. She removes her acid washed jean shorts and panties, then arranges her magnificent form lying face down on the massage table. The masseur comes over with a bowl of oil and drips some all over back. Her expression is serene and her face is relaxed as he rubs the oil into her shoulders and back. He then drizzles more onto her buttocks and smooths it all over her ass and bare pussy. He massages the oil into the skin of her long slender legs, then returns his attention to her taut little ass and glistening pussy. She turns onto her back and he moves up her breasts to rub oil all over them. He applies it to her tummy and hips till her body is fully covered in oil. She spreads her legs inviting him to further massage her naked pussy. She gets heated by the stimulation and she fucks the finger he inserts into her pussy. He brings his face to her pussy and licks her clit and vulva making her moan. He wanders up to her face and takes his hard cock out of his jogging pants. She sucks his dick slowly and hungrily to wet him, then spreads her legs as he moves into position to penetrate her. He fucks her hairless vagina as she clutches the sides of the table releasing her powerful orgasm. He lies down beside her and spoons her. He fucks her sideways while he plays with her lubed up tits. She screams through another cum, then straddles his midsection showing him her ass and jerking his cock while gently squeezing his cum filled balls. She rides his cock in reverse cowgirl. Then she lies on her tummy while he fucks her pussy from behind, thrusting enthusiastically till he cums a huge load on her ass.
Description : Masseur Eric Masterson visits the luxurious home of client Alix Lynx and wealthy husband Ryan McLane to perform a massage on the premises. Eric instructs the big titted blonde to get naked in next room where his assistant set up the massage table. After Alix Lynx struts off to get undressed, Eric gives Ryan props for finding such a hottie. Ryan is taken aback by the masseur's unprofessional demeanor, but he is otherwise satisfied to wait in the living room with Eric's gorgeous assistant. When Eric enters the massage room, Alix Lynx isn't undressed . She's not comfortable being naked so she keeps on her expensive bra and panties that are sexy as all hell. Eric is rightly concerned about the coconut oil damaging her lingerie, but he begins the massage working around her bra straps. He identifies some tension in her lower back. He says it must strenuous walking around such a big house all day. He praises her husband for being rich, lamenting that some people have to work. She insists she still has more than enough to keep busy. He works on her muscular legs and comments that she's still wearing her strappy stiletto shoes. He instructs her to flip over and asks her if she is a parent. She admits she really wants to be a mom but she has trouble getting pregnant. When Eric pushes for an explanation, she confesses that her husband has a fetish for footjobs and therefore never cums inside of her. Eric looks at her spiky shoes and can't believe a footjob with her feet in those shoes would be pleasant. She clarifies that the shoes come off. Eric kinda wants to try that out so he takes off her shoes and asks her to describe exactly how the footjob works. When he drops his pants and exposes his erection, Alix tries to shoo away his cock. But he manipulates her into proving her proficiency. Soon she's fucking Eric's cock between her feet. She even advises him to use a little oil on his cock for a better experience. Alix is hard at work impressing Eric, when the masseur decides to get back to the massage. He leaves his dick hanging out of his pants and takes off her bra. He gives her huge knockers a pectoral massage and meanwhile tries to kiss her. When she objects to his advances, he jumps onto the table and sticks his dick in her cleavage. He reaches for the edge of the table till his dick accidentally pops into her mouth. Alix is pinned to the table and losing patience, so she offers to suck him off so he'll stop pestering her. Before he busts a nut, the masseur pops off the table to takes off her panties. She says she knows what he's trying to fuck her with her husband in the next room. He asks if he's allowed to insert just the tip and when she says fine he thrusts the entire thing deep inside. Eric fucks her pussy vigorously, which makes her yelp and moan. He doesn't want to create an awkward situation for Alix, and advises her to tone down her moaning. But Alix is liking the boning so much she cums really loud and hard, which makes Eric release his cum inside her pussy, and out. Will all that ruckus make her husband Ryan check on them? Click to find out!
Description : Asian petite Myranda removes her black t-shirt revealing her perky small tits and a nipple piercing.Her jet-black hair neatly tied in two braids, the young client pulls off her pink and white jean shorts and slips out of her canvas kicks. She leaves on her panties and hops on the table lying face down, then calls to the masseur that she's ready to begin. He sprays oil onto her back and massages her lumbar muscles and the top of her glutes. He kneads the muscle, flesh and fascia in her upper back and shoulders as she relaxes into the deep tissue massage. The masseur moves to the foot of the table and applies oil to her thighs and lower glutes, and then to her calves and feet. He focuses on the pressure points in her slender feet before asking her if he can remove her underwear to work on her glutes. Myranda melts as her ass muscles are kneaded and massaged. The masseur lets his hands slip between her buttocks to rub the tender sensitive area around her bare shaved pussy. He rubs her vagina with more friction, causing her to lift her hips eagerly in response. She sits up to kiss him and fondle his hardened excited cock. She pulls his erection out of his pants, he climbs onto the table and fellates him. She licks around the bulbous head of his cock with her pierced tongue and sucks him until he is ready for insertion. She positions herself onto all fours and he wets her tight pussy with his tongue. Myranda responds very vocally when the masseur penetrates her pussy. He fucks her with long hard thrusts making her tiny round ass shake. His rock-hard cock and balls are going to explode so he changes positions, pulling her onto his lap. She leans back with her legs widespread, and he fucks her juicy pussy, then she straddles him and rides his cock till she cums. With his hands cupping her ass he pounds her pussy nice and hard. Then she sits on his face and sucks the cum out of his cock.
Description : Derrick Pierce is lurking outside the home of Tarantino XXX and his girlfriend Jessica Ryan. He's peeping through their window, watching the couple get ready for a special date night of roleplay and massage. Right after Tarantino covers his girlfriend's eyes with a blindfold, Derrick lets himself into the house and knocks the daylights out of Tarantino. Tarantino goes down like a log, leaving Jessica Ryan none the wiser.

She hears the sounds from the punch out, but Derrick utters a few words to placate her curiosity. She doesn't realize Tarantino isn't responding, she thinks Tarantino is disguising his voice with a lower octave. Derrick approaches the blindfolded girl and picks up where Tarantino left off, undressing her on the massage table. He begins the massage and Jessica is surprised by his strength, and his muscular physique. She comments that his cock is unusually hard.

Indeed he is swollen with excitement, and he presses it into Jessica's pussy, making her howl and waking up Tarantino XXX. Derrick's cock is deep inside her pussy, while Tarantino tries to figure out what's happening and why Jessica is fucking a stranger. Jessica removes her blindfold and sees the guy fucking her is not her boyfriend. Still ploughing her pussy, Derrick tells Jessica it was all Tarantino's idea and orchestration. She doesn't want to stop fucking anyway, it feels too fucking good. Tarantino make the best of being tied up in restraints. He strokes his dick and watches his girlfriend cum on the intruder. This makes Derrick pull out and cum on her pussy. After he gathers his things and leaves, Tarantino unties his shackles, and blows his load on Jessica's pussy. Not a bad date night after all.
Description : Russian teen brunette Sophia Young shyly slips out of her striped cotton dress in front of her masseur. She covers her private parts demurely and hops onto the table. As she relaxes on her stomach, the masseur applies some oil onto her shoulders and back. He makes circular motions with his palms, rubbing the warm oil all over her tight core and small tits, stimulating her perky nipples to stiffen them. He massages the oil into her upper torso, tattooed waist, and flat stomach. Gently he pinches the plump mound of her pussy to stimulate her clitoris, as she breathlessly pants. He continues to concentrate on her nether lips, delicately fingering the folds of her pussy. She pulls down his pants and begins to jack off his uncut dick. He slowly feeds his hard knob into her mouth. She fellates him, licking his shaft with her pierced tongue. He fucks her shaved pussy sideways. She moans into it and rubs her clit, building the pressure with every thrust of his thick dick. He goes down on her to wet her slit with his spit. She straddles him on the table, rocking her hips to grind her pussy down around his cock and fucks him with abandon. He flips her onto her back to take her pussy deeper, releasing her orgasm, just in time to pull out and sputter his cum all over her face.
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