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Kimberley Goes Commando

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Scene Description: Kimberley pulls off her top revealing her perfect boobs and slender waist. She removes her acid washed jean shorts and panties, then arranges her magnificent form lying face down on the massage table. The masseur comes over with a bowl of oil and drips some all over back. Her expression is serene and her face is relaxed as he rubs the oil into her shoulders and back. He then drizzles more onto her buttocks and smooths it all over her ass and bare pussy. He massages the oil into the skin of her long slender legs, then returns his attention to her taut little ass and glistening pussy. She turns onto her back and he moves up her breasts to rub oil all over them. He applies it to her tummy and hips till her body is fully covered in oil. She spreads her legs inviting him to further massage her naked pussy. She gets heated by the stimulation and she fucks the finger he inserts into her pussy. He brings his face to her pussy and licks her clit and vulva making her moan. He wanders up to her face and takes his hard cock out of his jogging pants. She sucks his dick slowly and hungrily to wet him, then spreads her legs as he moves into position to penetrate her. He fucks her hairless vagina as she clutches the sides of the table releasing her powerful orgasm. He lies down beside her and spoons her. He fucks her sideways while he plays with her lubed up tits. She screams through another cum, then straddles his midsection showing him her ass and jerking his cock while gently squeezing his cum filled balls. She rides his cock in reverse cowgirl. Then she lies on her tummy while he fucks her pussy from behind, thrusting enthusiastically till he cums a huge load on her ass.