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Description : Will Powers swiftly prepares for a visit at home from a masseuse named Karmen Karma. She was very specific about how Will should rearrange his living room before her visit. When Karmen arrives, she sends Will to get undressed in the other room, while Karmen gets ready for her client. When Will comes back, Karmen teases him by completely undressing. However, Karmen implemented a no touching policy and that she would the one be in charge today. Karmen wastes no time in tying William up with cuff links and blindfolds him . Will slips up and admits he's never been tied up before, but don't worry, Karmen will punish him effectively. Even though Will can't see a thing and is bound hand and foot, that doesn't stop his sexual senses from coming out . With his bulky penis right in Karmens face, she cannot resist but to stroke and place it in her mouth, but not without teasing the hell out of her client first! Karmen surprises Will by mounting his huge cock and riding him on the table. Since he's behaving so well and complying to her every order, she allows him to fuck her on the couch. Karmen is enjoying is huge cock inside her pussy and demands that he cums all over her ass. He explodes all over her sweet round ass with a perfect landing. Now that his treatment is over, she tells Will to count to 100 while she gets cleaned up. Only after about 10 counts, he realizes he's still in restaints; did she forget to untie him or was that her intention all along?
Description : Will walked in today with a considerably large amount of money in his pockets, from the moment he said he was a millionaire, AJ Applegate sweetened up! See, she wants to open a new Nuru spa all on her own, and she's just been waiting for a sugar daddy. You can consider will her victim, everything she does is to butter him up for when she pops the big question! Will he help her get her business started? Or will he just be another greedy guy with a wad of cash. AJ's expert massage does wonders for her cause, but there's one last catch. Will wants something a bit extra! He begs to fuck her tight asshole. AJ has exactly the situation she's been waiting for. She offers her ass in exchange for a sugar daddy relationship with Will. From that moment on we get to see him shove his long cock deep inside AJ's tight asshole. I'm sure she would have taken it anyway.
Description : Brooklyn has a very interesting history! Her Daddy sent her to an all girls catholic school (who knows what she learned there!) and then she went to massage therapy school, with the interest of helping people. What a sweet little chatty Cathy! Will has probably dreamed for years of teaching a cute and naive young masseuse how to take care of him... How far do you think he can get her to go before she cracks? Just wait until you see how creative she gets!
Description : Will is back, and it's the same old problem, only this time he's regressed beyond recognition. Fortunately, Peta Jensen is a new girl at the spa, and today, Will is going to get the treatment of his life. Peta's gentle touch, and soothing voice helps Will relax, and her questions are perfect stimulation for his active mind. This is key, because we all know will has a tendency to be a bit of a talker. Peta has a cheeky way of telling will like it is. Her observations are keen, and she knows right when to kick his treatment into overdrive. By the end, it turns out Will is able to stay hard so that Peta can shove his rigid cock deep inside her hungry juicy pussy, and get fucked deep by him until he proves he's cured... this time.
Description : Dakota and Janet have a close relationship as mother and daughter, but some things aren't meant for daughter's eyes. Janet's client is one with a particularly special need and she's not sure her daughter is ready for the training yet. Will finally arrives and expects his usual treatment complete with a more aggressive release. By the time Will's ready for the special treatment, Janet decides Dakota is ready for some instruction, at the very least. The family business needs to continue with a high level of professionalism. Janet hands off Will to Dakota, allowing her to take the reins, at first, then both make use of their genetic cock blowing talent.