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Office Harassment Caught On Tape

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Scene Description: So I have this horrible boss that won't stop harassing me at work. He comes onto me ALL the time but no one believes me, not even HR! He's always TOO nice, which I KNOW is just him trying to get under my skirt. He offers massages all the time even though I never take him up on it. I just wish he would stop it but what can I do?

Since HR doesn't believe what this jerk is doing, I set up some hidden cameras in the office to catch him in the act... and it worked! The tape catches it all, from the moment he sidles up to my desk to the proposition itself. I finally had to give into accepting a massage to get the evidence I needed but my skin crawled as soon as the slimeball put his hands on my shoulders. By the time he groped his way over my breasts and pussy, it took everything I had to stay calm and go along with it. I couldn't risk him getting suspicious...

But now that I've caught the creep red-handed, everyone will finally see what I have to put up with.